Benefit from our experience

Find in Get A Voice Portugal, a supplier with consistent voice quality, with its own studio, flexibility in meeting deadlines and, very importantly, excellent communication with its partners.

We regularly do voice recording for Advertising Spots, Documentaries, Corporate Videos, e-Learning, Corporate Voice Image, IVR Telephone Systems, Online Videos, Training, Audio Guides (for tourist routes, museums and exhibitions), Theaters, Games, Apps , among others. Imagine if the audios were recorded, always said in the same way and with the same tone of voice, for all these different types of applications!

A voice-over should always be appropriate for the type of project you are going to record and be representative of your brand. Hiring an inexperienced voice can become a headache, as you will certainly have to rely on many hours of studio time in order to improve the final record. Our know-how allows you to record quickly and according to your project specifications, without the need for repetition. If you like, you can additionally make several versions with different styles and postures, for later choice.

Because we are human, we record with emotion. If we have to laugh or cry, scream or whisper, we will do so with total commitment. One of the great challenges of the voiceover is the pace and timing in video recordings or synchronized advertisements. These projects have time limits that we respect to the millisecond, and the performance of the recording should have a constant rhythm, without sounding rushed. The metrics of the Portuguese language is, usually, longer and most videos coming from abroad are written in another language and translated into Portuguese. Our experience is a determining factor, so that everything is on time. On the other hand, our Portuguese pronunciation is neutral, which facilitates the clarity of the speech and the right tone in the transmission of your message.

Brands that chose us

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Our Path

Get A Voice Portugal, based in the beautiful city of Aveiro in Portugal, was born from the need to change the concept of voice agency within the national spectrum, focusing on the work of the voices of residents, Miguel and Catarina, taking them across borders. It was 2004.

Radio times

The media world started in 1994, in a radio show created from scratch, made by Miguel and two friends. Over time, Miguel has gained experience and confidence in his work. Later, he received an invitation to replace a radio presenter on his vacation in the same radio station wich he was making an author's program, and the passion for voice-overs grew. Many trainings and frequencies later, Miguel started working with top professionals, absorbing all the information possible during those years.

Solo career, training and the first Portuguese Agency

In 2002, Miguel started recording on his own, for several national clients, mostly advertising spots for local radio stations. He was a pioneer in the creation of a voice agency located in the center of Portugal, away from the big cities of Lisbon and Oporto. This agency allowed its clients a greater variety in the choice of voices. After some time, Miguel decided to expand to the international market, focusing this time on his voice and that of Catarina. In order to gain more experience, he attended castings, in Portugal, for the recording of documentaries of thematic television channels and started a period of travel between Aveiro and Lisbon.

The beginning of Get A Voice Portugal

In 2004, Miguel joined Catarina and together decided to grow professionally, broadening horizons for the international market and taking advantage of Miguel's fluency in regard to spoken and written English.

This led to the transformation of the concept of agency with several voices, giving rise to the new project Get A Voice Portugal, focused on Miguel and Catarina's voice.

The project begins by contacting studios and agencies from around the world, as well as the bet on hardware acquisition that would match any major studio, placing from the beginning, audio quality as a priority. New microphones, new preamplifier, voice booth upgrades, new workstations and the acquisition of the Source-Connect software that allows you to record voice remotely. After that, there is a long period of special dedication to the personal development of vocal performances, applied in thousands of hours of recording sessions and in the improvement of editing techniques. More complex performances were studied, namely in the areas of specialized recordings for Documentaries, Videos and Medical e-Learning.

This dedication has resulted in the satisfaction and loyalty of our partners, who regularly entrust us with a large amount of work, because they know that we meet delivery deadlines and personalize each recording to the maximum, always with a high sense of responsibility.

The present

Since 2004, the start year, we have made thousands of voice recordings for Broadcasting, Online use, Fairs, Conferences, Companies, Corporate Videos, Training, e-Learning, Videos of Medical and Pharmaceutical Products, Documentaries, Tourist Guides for cities and museums , Games, IVR Telephone Systems, Dubbings, Software and Mobile Applications.

Throughout this journey, we are grateful for all the partners who have chosen our voice-over services and we are convinced that you can rely on our experience for the voice recordings of your projects.

Know our procedures

How it works?

The process for ordering a recording is quick and simple


Get in touch with us and provide all information related to the project.
We will send you a proposal with all the conditions of our service.


After agreeing with our quote, conditions and delivery time, the recording session is scheduled.


After recording and editing is finished, we send you the digital file in the desired format.
As of that date, the agreed contractual conditions come into force.


  • Is it possible to receive a voice sample? How much does it cost?
    Yes, just send a voice sample request with the script and instructions. You will receive a sample to confirm that it is in the tone and rhythm you want. A small sample has no costs.
  • Do you have your own studio to record?
    Yes. Our audios are all recorded in our own studio.
  • How much does a voice recording cost?
    The price of the voice recordings vary according to the use that will be given to them. There are several categories and values.We guarantee competitive prices.
    Send us an email with a quote request, specifying usage, quantity and payment method. We will send you our best quote.
  • How long do you take to deliver the voice recording?
    205/5000 When it comes to small projects, the recorded voice is sent within a maximum of 24 hours. When it comes to large recordings, we will need to check availability and determine a delivery date.
  • Is it possible to follow the voice recording?
    Remotely, yes. Today there are a large number of platforms that allow you to follow the recordings, giving partners the opportunity to monitor, give their opinion and guide the voice recording sessions. The most used by us are Source-Connect (mmartins034) and Skype (portuguese.voiceover).
  • I found an error in the voice recording or I want to make changes to the script. Do I have to pay again?
    Any error in the voice recording that is reported to us is immediately repaired, without any payment.
    New voice recordings have a minimal cost. However, when the change is very small, we can be flexible and not charge.
  • In what file format do you deliver the voice recording?
    Most voice recordings are saved in Wav format, but all formats are possible with DAW Samplitude ProX4 which, by working in the non-destructive method, will always be professional quality.
    Digital allows us to send your voice recording by e-mail, with a link from our cloud or a platform for sending large files to your workplace.
  • Is the recorded voice delivered edited and mastered?
    We keep the original recording for 12 months, with the option of editing and mastering always on the side of those who use our services. Usually, they ask us to deliver the raw voice, without any process, containing the script free of errors, so that they can have the processing headroom they want to give to the voices.
    The editing and mastering process has costs.
  • Can I use the voice recording for as long as you want?
    As a general rule, no. If it is for a closed circuit, non-broadcast, you can use it without time limit. Any commercial voice recording can be used for a period of one year. After the first year, using the same recording has a cost close to 50% of the value previously agreed.
  • Can I use the voice recording later for another purpose?
    If you want to purchase the free use of voice recording, you must express interest when requesting a quote or some time before closing the first year.
  • What is the payment term and methods?
    Payment is made within 30 days from the moment you receive the job. Payments can be made by bank transfer or PayPal.