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We give life to non-face-to-face communication. Our vocal register is very varied, adapting to the needs of each project.
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Miguel Martins Portuguese Voice-over Talent Profile Picture

Miguel Martins

Voice-over Talent, Event Presenter

Miguel was born in the city of Aveiro, in Portugal. As passionate about music as he is, Miguel collects vinyl records. In addition, he loves sports, especially in the “iron” area of the gym.

Miguel's voice has a malleable dynamic that meets the client's objective, and can range from the record of a man aged between 20 and 60 years.
The long years of experience, result in a strong, warm and consistent voice throughout the recordings.
His native language is Portuguese. However, he speaks and writes English fluently.

Catarina Martins Portuguese Voice-over Talent Profile Picture

Catarina Sequeira

Voice-over Talent, Accountant, Mother

Catarina was born in the city of Torres Novas, in Portugal. She is a woman dedicated to work and family. Graduated in accounting, she has decoration as a hobby, where she uses creativity and imagination to make her home even more beautiful and comfortable.

Catarina's voice has a soft tone, for emotionally charged projects or an evident energy for lively recordings.
Her voice fulfills the requirements for natural, humane and convincing performances, ranging from a young teenager to an adult woman.

Miguel's Voice Samples

  1. Miguel's Voice 1
  2. Miguel's Voice 2
  3. Miguel's Voice 3

Catarina's Voice Samples

  1. Catarina's Voice 1
  2. Catarina's Voice 2
  3. Catarina's Voice 3

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Advertising Spots

  1. Advertising Spot 1
  2. Advertising Spot 2
  3. Advertising Spot 3


  1. Documentary 1
  2. Documentary 2
  3. Documentary 3

Corporate Videos

  1. Corporate Video 1
  2. Corporate Video 2
  3. Corporate Video 3


  1. e-Learning 1
  2. e-Learning 2
  3. e-Learning 3

IVR Telephone Systems

  1. IVR Telephone Systems 1
  2. IVR Telephone Systems 2
  3. IVR Telephone Systems 3

Audio Guides

  1. Audio Guide 1
  2. Audio Guide 2
  3. Audio Guide 3

All voices were recorded and edited in our studio.
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