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Get A Voice Portugal has its own studio, composed of two separate rooms where we do the recording and editing of voices, thus having total control over the quality and flexibility in delivery times to our customers.

The Booth

The Voice Booth is the space where we capture and record our voices.

It is isolated from the outside, ensuring that only the voice that is directed to it is captured, without any outside noise.

Inside, all the walls are treated with acoustic panels, we built a Bass Trap and the floor is covered with absorbent material.

The workstation is equipped with the software Source-Connect which allows remote recording and monitoring in real time.

These conditions make our Voice Booth a privileged place to capture voices with a result for broadcast, approved by all our customers, whatever the platform.


  • Voice Booth with acoustic treatment
  • Microphones Neumann U89 I e AKG C214
  • Preamplifier Dave Hill Designs Europa 1
  • Headphone preamp Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic 1
  • headphones Beyerdynamic DT100 Studio 400OHM
  • Pop filters Golden Age Project P2 Metal e Samson PS01
  • Cables Klotz and connectors XLR/Jack Neutrik
  • Source-Connect Standard
  • Computer monitor LG 24”
Get A Voice Portugal Voice Booth

Editing Station

Get A Voice Portugal Editing Station

In this other space, which is independent of the voice booth, we process and edit the voices already recorded.

Our Editing Station is equipped with a workstation prepared for audio post-production, which includes: sound interfaces from an award-winning brand; DAW software, for non-destructive editing, always maintaining the original properties of the recording; two computer monitors for viewing the editing software and texts simultaneously; and studio monitors, for listening to the contents that are being worked on.

We thus arrive at the final product, which is delivered to those who sought our services.


  • Workstation Asus
  • Sound interface RME Babyface 24-Bit / 192 kHz
  • DAW Samplitude Pro X4 64-Bit
  • 2 Computer monitors LG 32”
  • Monitor Speakers Tannoy
  • Cables Klotz and connectors XLR/Jack Neutrik
  • Back-UPS ES 700G

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